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Every student whether a beginner or  experienced

is very important to us within True North Warrior Arts, because we truly believe that we

are all equal in status and what ever our grade, we all have something to contribute to

Martial Arts, but perhaps even more importantly to each other.

All the True North Warrior Arts instructors and assistant instructors teach to a very high

standard and have your best interests at heart so even when training gets tough, please

try to complete your exercises to the best of your abilities as your instructor probably

has a good reason to ask you to perform them. If you have a problem with any exercise

or with any aspect of training, you should never be worried about approaching your

instructor or asking questions as this is how we all progress in our development in and

outside of class. One of the most important things to remember when training is that

everyone regardless of grade or experience, all started as a beginner and had to learn

and practice” to be able achieve things, so making a mistake is part of learning, in fact

often the more mistakes you make and put right, the more you will improve.

Many people take up Martial Arts to learn Self-Defence or just to keep fit, but

once you have started, you realise that it is about Self improvement and development,

so when you are training, try not compare your abilities to that of the other students.

Gauge your progress by your own improvements, no matter how small, and dont be

jealous of other peoples abilities, although you can emulate others techniques, in order

to inspire yourself, in that way you will grow and develop your skills.

Martial Arts has many aspects, so you will be able to find parts, which

you enjoy, or excel at. You are now part of the Evolution Martial Arts family”, where

all the instructors and students are taught to respect each other; our aim is for you to

develop both physically and mentally but most of all for you to enjoy your training,

even when training gets physically demanding. We hope that at the end of each class

you feel satisfied to have worked your mind and body to higher limits or to have

learned something new.